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Stop chasing diminishing returns with outdated incentive schemes that aren’t aligned with today’s highly-stimulated, high-expectation workforce.

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Turnkey, set-and-forget
Ai-powered management

AliceAi synthesizes performance metrics, work patterns, feedback, and aptitude ratings to automatically identify and
solve weaknesses like:


  • Apathy-induced performance drags
  • Operating with suboptimal effort
  • Sloppy attention to detail
  • Role-specific failures
  • Compliance violations
  • Conspicuous knowledge gaps
  • Monotonous daily routine


  • Communication breakdowns
  • Cross-functional team silos
  • Workplace equality
  • Non-aggressive goal setting
  • Lackluster culture
  • Harassment & fairness in the workplace

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Measuring is nice, doing
is better

CRM, ERP, and Project Management tools are great at measuring the work you do.

Surprise is entirely different: our proactive, AI-powered, integrated platform actually gets teams to do their jobs better every single day.